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The below video is our crowd-funding video from 2014 which still serves as a good introduction to us, our woodland, and our mission.

Our Vision

An abundant world in which humans flourish, in partnership with nature and each other, safeguarding the earth for us and for future generations.

Our Mission

Deliver Permaculture education to individuals, businesses, educational establishments and organisations.

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Our Aim

Through courses, land demonstration and garden design we will show people how to live a resilient and regenerative way of life through growing food and social integration.


Permaculture is a natural design science mimicking the patterns in nature.

Using Permaculture, living by the prime directive and ethics we are designing a system for our right livelihood. We know the importance of the resources around us from people to the refuse we throw away. We know the intrinsic value they hold and how they are part of what we practice within Permaculture, to be able to live a truly regenerative and resilient way of life.

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